What you can expect?

Refurbished, quality and ready-for-work laptops and desktops for sale.


How to find out what’s available?

Visit “Bargain Bin” to see what’s in stock.


Proud to bring you BARGAIN BIN

How to make a purchase?

Simply create an account and place an order. We will take it from there.


What shipping options are available?

We prefer to use courier services for the safety and security of your device.


Can I collect or use my own courier to collect?

Yes. Select the relevant shipping option when completing your purchase.


Where can I direct my inquiries?

Visit our Contact page. All our contact details (including Whatsapp) are at your finger tips.


How long does it take to receive feedback on queries?

We respond to general queries within 24 hour whether you’re already a PC Techies client or not. Queries related to pending orders or repairs are attended to with more urgency.


Are you on social media?

Yes. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram


NB. We live for your reviews / testimonials. Please leave your reviews on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Email and anywhere else.


We appreciate your support!

PC Techies Team